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Campus Life

Students of the Faculty of Health Sciences spend one year at the Tsurukabuto Campus to learn liberal arts. From the second academic year, they learn more specialized knowledge and technical information at the Myodani Campus. Students find their own potential and reach a level of maturity through self-education in various learning experiences and social activities.

This Faculty offers the following support programs. Students should estimate the cost of living during their studies.

Health and Counseling

Needless to say, medical care specialists must look after their own health. For this purpose, the University has a health control center and a counseling room for students who are concerned about health. The University conducts regular physical checkups for students to identify any problems at an early stage.

Co-op cafeterias and shops

The Co-op is an organization run by students, instructors and administrative staff. The Co-op has cafeterias and shops at the Myodani Campus, with meals and goods that are less expensive than at off-campus restaurants and stores.

Student dormitories, rooms and lodgings

Student houses are located near the Tsurukabuto Campus and are available during the first academic year, during which students study at the Tsurukabuto Campus.
There are no student houses near the Myodani Campus, but rooms and lodgings are available. The details are as follows.

The monthly rents for the tenements and lodgings near the University are approximately as shown below.
Information for students can be obtained from the Kobe University Co-op.

Accommodation type Area Rent Notes
Rooms 6 tatami mats (approx. 10 m2 ) \20,000-\35,000 No bath
Lodgings 6 tatami mats \20,000-\40,000 Live with landlord (or landlady)
Houses 6, 3 tatami mats \30,000-\50,000 No bath
Boarding houses 6 tatami mats \55,000-\70,000 With two meals (breakfast and supper)
Apartment rooms 6-8 tatami mats \50,000-\70,000 One-room apartment

(Note)Electricity, water and gas are not included.

Cautions before Signing the Room Rent Contract
  • *Before deciding on a room, be sure to actually check the room and discuss the contract conditions in detail with the landlord.
  • *The University cannot be involved in room rent contracts. Be sure to understand the contract details and sign it carefully. In case of any problems, be sure to exchange signed rent agreements.

Admission fee exemption, postponement of collection, and school-fee exemption

The University is currently discussing exemption and postponement of collection of admission fees, and exemption of school fees. The University will announce updates on the news page of the Urgent Notices for Students on the Kobe University Web Site as soon as the details of exemption conditions and the method of application are established. For questions about the announcement, please contact the Student Affairs Division, Student Affairs Department, Kobe University.


For students with an excellent academic record and strong personal characteristics, but with economic hardship, the Japan Student Services Organization (formerly the Japan Scholarship Foundation until 2003), municipalities and private organizations offer direct scholarships or loans.

Student Insurance for Injuries Caused by Disasters during Education or Research

To compensate for injuries during regular classes and extracurricular activities caused by unexpected disasters and accidents, students generally buy an insurance policy from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO; formerly the Center for Domestic and Foreign Students). The insurance benefit is provided according to the extent of the disaster, injury and accident. An insurance fee as a one-time payment of 3,900 yen is required to cover four years after entrance (this amount is correct as of 1997 ).